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Becoming an HSI

The University of Northern Colorado is committed to a Students First culture, advancing the success of Hispanic, Latino and Latinx-identifying students attending our institution, incorporating policy and practice that is inclusive and reflective of the various identities our students hold. In helping more of our students complete and earn a UNC degree, including an increased percentage of our Hispanic/Latinx-identifying students, UNC is able to continue our long tradition of preparing and graduating leaders who serve and enrich Colorado’s culture and economy. We know that doing so will positively change their lives and the future of our state.

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We approach our work with the following vision elements:

The same vision elements frame UNC's 10-year strategic plan Rowing, Not Drifting 2030.

students first

Students First:
Integrating resources, services and strategies for the benefit of students and demonstrating accountability to ensuring their success.


Empower Inclusivity:
Providing equal access to opportunities and resources for students who in the past may have otherwise been excluded or marginalized.


Enhance & Invest:
Purpose driven institutional and philanthropic investment in supporting campus and programmatic enhancements geared toward student completion and graduation. 


Innovate & Create:
Developing an institutional structure focused on building capacity in instruction, faculty and staff development, inclusive hiring practices and advocacy for equitable policy.


Connect & Celebrate:
Promoting the excellence of our students by intentionally strengthening networks of alumni, parents and support people and business and community leadership.

Brenda Vargas

"I hope that UNC becoming an HSI will make me feel like I'm at home on campus. Where I can hear the sounds of my people, and see the colors of my culture reflected in the very fibers of UNC."

— Brenda Vargas '23, UNC Student