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Our Mission

Fraternity and Sorority Life at the University of Northern Colorado exists to foster growth and development among students while forming lifelong bonds through academic, personal, social and service-based programming.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity - Being ethically unyielding and honest and inspiring trust by saying what we mean, matching our behaviors to our words and taking responsibility for our actions.

  • Leadership - To maximize the potential of the Community through self-governance, collaboration, role-modeling, risk management and ethical decision-making.

  • Service - Fulfilling our obligation of building a better, stronger and more durable community for future generations, protecting the organization, meeting our commitments to stakeholders, acting with an owner mentality, developing our people and helping improve communities and the global environment.

  • Personal Growth -To contribute to the self-development of each member through Ritual, maintenance of values, co-curricular involvement, career preparation and healthy lifestyle choices.

  • Scholarship -To promote intellectual growth and academic excellence through the recruitment of quality students, scholastic programming, educational support and recognition opportunities.

  • Unity - While each organization is beautifully different, we share a close bond as we are all Fraternity and Sorority Life brothers and sisters, upholding our values and traditions.

Why Fraternity and Sorority Life?


Lifelong friendships and countless memories are fostered within a “home away from home” environment where you will create brother and sister relationships that will help guide you through your college years and beyond.

Social events with other chapters, sporting teams and other organizations are great opportunities to meet new people.

Build relationships that can prove helpful with networking and mentoring opportunities after graduation.


All chapters participate in philanthropies and service activities as well as hold philanthropic events themselves.

The Fraternity and Sorority Life community participates in multiple campus wide philanthropies and service projects together through the year. 

Members participate in hundreds of community service hours a year!


Fraternity and Sorority Life members learn time management skills and how to reach your academic potential.

Each semester chapters and individual members are recognized for academic success.

Fraternity and Sorority Life chapters have scholarship programs which include advising and tutoring programs, study hours and scholarship opportunities.


Fraternity and Sorority Life members have many opportunities to hold leadership positions within their organizations.

Fraternity and Sorority Life members are some of the most prominent leaders on campus with leadership positions in other UNC and community groups.