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  • UNC-DQ-219-18 Parking Lot Maintenance - Front Range Asphalt Maint.
  • UNC-DQ-217-18 Skinner Roof Replacement - Roof Check Inc.
  • UNC-DQ-224-18 Arlington Park Apartments Cabling Project - American Datapath
  • UNC-DQ-227-18 Arts Annex Silica Capture - Haselden Construction
  • UNC-DQ-236-18 CoGen Repurpose -  Eckstine Electric Company
  • UNC-DQ-206-19 UC Motor Control -  Weifield Group Contracting, Inc.
  • UNC-DQ-207-19 Heat Plant AST Replacement - Kubat Equipment and Service Co.
  • UNC-DQ-212-19 CoGen Repair -