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Who We Are

The mission of the Colorado Center for Rural Education is to support the needs of rural educators in Colorado. This mission will be accomplished through five sustainable priorities:

  1. Expansion of Educator Pipeline Programs.
  2. Identification of Rural Teaching Scholars from among pre-service junior and senior teacher candidates who commit to student teach in rural Colorado school districts.
  3. Cultivation of a Rural Teacher Leaders program that prepares teachers in rural communities for expanded professional roles through participation in programs leading to become National Board Certified Teachers or receive Concurrent Enrollment Certification.
  4. Development of a coordinated Professional Development Network for rural educators.
  5. Cultivation of advocacy and scholarship focused on rural education, including collaboration for grant proposal writing.

Center Overview Handout

Vision and Objectives

The vision of the Colorado Center for Rural Education is to ensure an excellent education for children in rural Colorado. The primary vehicle in support of this overarching vision is focused on the location, preparation, and support of educators for all rural and small rural school districts across the state of Colorado through a commitment to convening, connecting, and capacity building. 



The clientele served by the Center for Rural Education include the current and prospective educators (i.e., teachers, administrators, and special service providers) who work in Colorado’s rural and small rural school districts. The organizations that support these educators across the state of Colorado, and who have provided commitments to support the establishment of the Center for Rural Education, include: