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Gaming SEL Lab

Games enable children to practice emotions in spaces that are free from actualized consequences. With thoughtful guidance, games can help children manage emotions, perspective-take, demonstrate empathic concern, and exhibit prosocial behaviors.

Emerging research suggests that social and emotional learning (SEL) skills are, in fact, teachable. The Gaming SEL Lab in the Educational Technology department investigates the rich opportunities that games have in supporting SEL skill development.  


TIP Creativity Lab introduces Game Design Studio

Game Design Studio

Game Design Studio (GDS) was a design thinking and social and emotional learning experience that engaged teens in self-reflection and systems change using the framework of game design. The goal was to offer opportunities for teens to recognize and apply their strengths while exercising their creativity in designing games and learning new ways to approach problem-solving at systems level.

GDS was a collaboration with the iThrive Games Foundation. Undergraduate and graduate students studying education and educational technology were trained to facilitate two weeks of game design with and for participants and collect ethnographic data.

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