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Doctor of Philosophy

The Counseling Psychology (Ph.D.) program is one of a variety of graduate programs offered in the Department of Applied Psychology and Counselor Education (APCE). Our doctoral program is designed to develop counseling psychologists in health service psychology who can independently apply psychological principles to improve the well-being of individuals across the lifespan. The program focuses on developing profession wide competencies in health service psychology. At our on-site psychological services clinic, students are provided the opportunity to be trained in the application of three treatment modalities: individual, group, and couples and family therapy.

The Counseling Psychology (Ph.D.) program emphasizes training in research and evidence-based practice in psychology to work with diverse populations. Graduates obtain employment in a variety of settings (e.g., university counseling centers, private practice, community, health care, academic, VA settings). The program meets APA accreditation standards, which leads to eligibility for licensure as a doctoral level psychologist.

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  • UNC's Main Greeley Campus
Credit Requirements 

126 Credit Hours 

Time to Completion

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