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STEP 1: Sign-Up & Self-Service Actions

Sign-Up Checklist (Accomplish all Underlined Bullets Prior to Attending Virtual In-Processing)

  • Provide Detachment 90 with Your Contact Information
    • Fill out this FORM to provide all your contact information to Detachment 90 Cadre
    • It is imperative this information is current. If your contact information changes, please re-accomplish this step with your updated information
  • Register for Aerospace Studies Class & Leadership Laboratory
    • Fall Semester
      • [UNC] AS101 and AS103
    • Spring Semester
      • [UNC] AS102 and AS104
    • If you are not a true freshman at UNC, please email afrotc_recruiting@mail.colostate.edu to request additional guidance 
  • Create an AFROTC WINGs Account & Complete AFROTC Application 
    • Follow this LINK to create your WINGs Account and initiate your Application.
    • During the application you will report any past offenses, violations of law or ordinance, or any other adverse involvements with civil, military, or school authorities (if applicable)
    • Please DO NOT upload the forms provided in the AFROTC application. Here are the documents Detachment 90 will walk you through during STEP 2: Virtual In-processing! These forms will be uploaded upon completion of Virtual In-Processing.
    • Obtain your Selective Service Number (males 18+)
    • Upload any JROTC / CAP / Eagle Scout / Girl Scout Certifications (as applicable)
  • Sign-Up for Virtual In-Processing
      • Sign-up for a Virtual In-Processing Session  
      • Virtual In-Processing sessions are completed via zoom and last ~1-2 hours
  • Prepare your Computer for Virtual In-Processing