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Maureen Ulevich

Maureen Ulevich

Director, Center for International Education

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The Center for International Education provides academic, cultural and educational support for international and American students and advocates for a global perspective on the UNC campus. Ulevich says she sees this position “as a continuation of a career spent teaching and working with international students and advocating for the benefits of international education.”

She has first-hand knowledge of living and learning internationally, with almost 20 years overseas, living in Vietnam, Thailand, China and Japan and traveling widely in Asia and Europe. While living overseas, she taught English and earned a master’s degree at the Graduate School of Comparative Culture at Sophia University in Tokyo.

“I had studied Asian history in the United States, but I never really understood it until I lived in places where the history I studied was made,” she says. “I strongly believe that spending an extended period immersed in another culture, whether as an exchange or a degree-seeking student, is a transformative experience.”

As the Director of CIE, she sees UNC’s domestic students transformed by their study abroad experiences, and UNC’s international students transformed by their engagement on campus. She also has seen short program visitors transformed through events and curriculum designed specifically for them. “My career in international education began well before today’s initiatives for internationalization and globalization, yet I still benefit from these transformative experiences,” she says.

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