Clubs and Organizations Funding

Currently, Student Senate determines whether student club and organization events are eligible to receive funding. Please review Chapter 9 of the UNC Student Senate Constitution and Bylaws below to determine if your club/organization's event is eligible to apply for funding. 

Disclaimer: These regulations may be reviewed by the Student Senate and changes may be enacted at any time it is considered necessary. All changes will be reviewed and approved by a two-thirds vote of the Student Senate. Changes will become effective at the discretion of the Student Senate.

Club Funding Process

Terminology and Definitions

  • Organization Funding Board (OFB) is the Student Senate committee that assists the Student Trustee and Finance Committee in matters of Student organization event funding.
  • Student Fees are mandatory monies, which are collected from all students in addition to tuition.

Eligibility for Funding

  1. The organization must be chartered through the Student Senate charter recognition process.
  2. The group must have a good financial history with the Business Office as determined by the OFB.
  3. The group must be non-profit in nature.
  4. The group must not be funded through general revenue dollars or through the Student Programming Allocations.

Event Specific Funding Plan

A. Funding Requests Limitations

The budget requested for each event must not exceed $1,000 unless it is forwarded by the Student Trustee to the Student Senate to be ratified. Total funding for the organization’s events must not exceed $5,000 for the academic year and each request may not exceed $3,000. 

  1. All event planning forms must be submitted at least 15 calendar days prior to the event.  Any late requests may not be eligible for funding.
  2. Student Organizations may not request funds for operational budgets.

B. Procedure for Event Specific Budget Plan

  1. Student Organizations must select one representative to attend one of the Funding Meetings at the beginning of the semester.  If your organization is unable to attend, then funding may not be applied for, unless your group contacts the Student Senate Student Trustee to make other arrangements.
  2. Student Organizations shall complete the funding proposal questionnaire and the Student Organization funding sheet, specifying amounts of money needed for a specific event.  This must be submitted to the Student Trustee by 5:00 PM on the Sunday prior to the scheduled OFB meeting.
  3. If the student organization is requesting funds for a reoccurring event, all dates must be listed with the event request sheet.
  4. The Student Organization event funding sheet will be forwarded to the Organization Funding Board for approval.
  5. Student Organizations requesting funds must have one representative attend the Organization Funding Board meeting
  6. The committee will use the following criteria to review requests:
      1. The credibility of the applications line item budget.
      2. The credibility and completeness of the events planning.
      3. The event must be open to all current UNC students.
      4. The benefit of the events to the university, the students, and the club.
      5. The financial need of the club.
      6. Marketing costs may not exceed 10% of the requested amount, unless approved by OFB
      7. Roll-over from Account Two funding is deducted from funding recommendation.
      8. Fundraising will be encouraged.
      9. If no fundraising or collaborative efforts are made, any given event shall be eligible to receive no more than 80% of the total funding request.
      10. All events must be fully planned prior to the OFB meeting.
      11. Marketing
      1. A complete marketing plan must be completed before hearing date.
      2. A copy of the marketing plan and materials must be presented at the OFB.
  7. Inappropriate funding request include:
      1. Food requests that exceed $15 per meal per person.
      2. Food for any regularly scheduled organizational meeting. 
      3. Uninformed Speakers without enough detailed event information. Speakers cannot be current UNC students.
      4. Direct contributions to charitable organizations or agencies. A service or product must be rendered for all monies disseminated.
      5. Funding for travel to conferences or registration for conference.
      6. Lodging and travel costs.
      7. Alcohol or drug purchases.
      8. Salaries, stipends, or scholarships for elected or appointed student organization officers.
      9. Personal gifts that are not connected with an event.
      10. Private receptions or parties. 
      11. Funding for programs or activities which produce academic credits to attendees.
      12. Money will only be allocated for t-shirts if the shirts are used as marketing material for the specific event in question.
      13. The OFB is authorized to interpret whether the use of funds is inappropriate.
  8. The OFB will enter deliberation after hearing all budget requests and decide the appropriate funding allocation. The OFB shall approve all recommendations by a two-thirds majority vote of the voting membership.
  9. Student Organizations are required to submit a program report two weeks after the funded event occurs to the OFB. Failure to submit a program follow-up form will result in a cap 80% of requested funds of the Student Organization’s next event within the semester the follow-up form was due.  If a student organization requests funds for a reoccurring event they must submit monthly reports on the event. The program report must consist of the following:
      1. Brief description of what occurred at event.
      2. Estimated number of attendees.
      3. Final cost of event.

Grievances and Appeals

A. Grieving a Groups Funding Allocation

  1. Any person or group dissatisfied with the OFB’s decision is advised to consult with the Student Rights Advocate to identify appropriate courses of action.
  2. Any person or group wishing to file a grievance against any OFB decision must do so within twenty-one (21) calendar days of the OBB meeting during which the funding allocation was voted upon.

Procedures for the Dissemination of Student Senate Funds

  1. When the OFB approves the organization's budget allocation, funds will be transferred into the individual organization's account through the University Center Business Office.
  2. In order to use Student Senate funds, the organization must complete an Account Authorization Signature Card to process expenditures, which includes all signatures of approved members including the group’s advisor.
  3. All revenue generated by the organization from student fees must be deposited in the Student Organization’s account.
  4. All organization expenditures must start with a Work Copy. On this document, the signatures of the treasurer of the organization and of another officer in that organization. The signatures must conform to the ones on the signature card. The group advisor may not authorize expenditures.
  5. Upon completion of the Work Copy, the Student Senate Student Trustee, or in his/her absence, the Student Senate Director of Finance must approve and countersign the Work Copy.
  6. Expenditures or commitments made without an approved Work Copy shall be considered a personal transaction and Student Senate will not be responsible for payment.
  7. Purchases of services or goods may not exceed the total amount which the organization has earned and deposited into its account. At no time will an organization be allowed to deficit spend. Deficit spending will have a negative impact on subsequent funding allocations.
  8. All travel must be processed in advance through the University Center Business Office. The University requires special forms and procedures be used. No travel will be reimbursed unless it has been processed in advance through the UC Business Office.
  9. If the above procedures are not followed, the organization will be responsible for unapproved expenditures.
  10. Any funds remaining in the Student Trustee’s account will roll over into subsequent fiscal years.

Seizure and/or Suspension of Organizational Funds

  1. In the event that strong evidence is presented that an organization may have violated UNC or Student Senate policy or any local, state, or federal law, the Student Trustee has the authority to suspend the organization's account. During the next OFB meeting, the suspension must be affirmed by the committee, or it cannot remain in place.
  2. In the event that strong evidence is presented that the organization has misappropriated funds, then the Student Trustee will forward that information to the internal auditor. Following the findings of the auditor, action against the groups charter may be taken.