Starting a Club

To become a recognized student group at UNC, clubs/organizations must:

  • Have three or more UNC student members
  • Have an advisor (faculty, staff member, or graduate assistant)
  • Submit a charter request

Chartering a club

The process of becoming a recognized student group is called chartering. Every student club or organization seeking recognition must submit a new charter request with a club constitution each academic year. Charters are submitted using the online form linked below. Click here for a club constitution template.

Before starting the form, it is recommended that you prepare the following information:

  • Current club constitution (electronic copy)
  • Names and contact information for three officers 
  • Name and contact information for faculty advisor
  • Name of the member responsible for financial record keeping

Click Here to Charter for the 2017-2018 Academic Year  

Please note that information included in the charter such as officer's names, officer's e-mail addresses, and the club's  meeting schedule is shared publicly via the Office of Clubs and Organization's Club List.