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Bears About Town


Photography by Woody Myers and Rob Trubia

May 01, 2017

Armando Silva

Armando Silva ’10

Artist, Muralist

“All great places have people, ideas and cultures that feed into it. Being a first-generation graduate (high school and college) and Mexican immigrant has allowed me to connect with the community in a great way.”

Justin Watada

Justin Watada ’02

Greeley Stampede General Manager

“I am honored to continue the tradition of putting on the largest party of the summer while creating family memories. I look forward to seeing Greeley grow, celebrating our diversity and being proud of our Western heritage.”

Warren Wood

Warren Wood ’15

Grand Lake’s 16th Street Tavern Owner

“We want to make our name within the craft beer industry, and we believe Greeley is the place to do it. I’m looking forward to seeing Greeley hit its full potential.”

Sarah MacQuiddy

Sarah MacQuiddy ’78

Greeley Chamber of Commerce President

“Greeley is unique. We are a large community with a small-town feel. People are engaged and willing to come to the table to get involved.”

Todd Doleshall and Glen Cook

Todd Doleshall ’01, ’02 (right)
Glen Cook (left)

Co-owners, Farmer’s Pantry

“Our goal is to help small farmers and producers in Weld County bring their fresh vegetables and products to the community. It’s very important for us, not just for Greeley, but for the small growers and producers.”

Ryan Gentry

Ryan Gentry ’07


“Greeley and UNC are growing every year and opportunity comes with that growth, especially in downtown. I love the sense of community that surrounds downtown Greeley and hope to help it grow for many years to come.”

Becky Safarik

Becky Safarik ’74, ’75

Greeley Assistant City Manager

“Greeley continues to evolve into such an interesting place and right now we are finding new ways to explore creativity … in our arts, in the way we do business, solve problems, educate our students, run our government. I’m interested to see how that will change our community and add to the quality of life we enjoy.”

Greeley Facts:

  • 105,000: Greeley population, January 2017
  • Greeley is now home to a half-dozen microbreweries, including the city’s first one started by Jeff Crabtree ’05
  • Greeley has the 4th fastest-growing metro-service area in the U.S.
  • Greeley is the 15th happiest city in America, according to Gallup-Healthways’ Community Well-Being Index
  • The city’s new hotel and convention center are scheduled to open this fall