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Mailbag - Fall 2019

November 18, 2019

An excerpt from your letters:

 “UNC provided me a great opportunity to develop critical thinking skills and a great liberal arts education, which prepared me for graduate studies and to be an informed global citizen.”

–Nathan A. Preuss BA ’02, Powell, Tenn.

“I came to UNC after five years in the Army. My time at UNC was where I developed my love for higher education. I was involved at UNC in the University Program Council, student government, National Student Exchange (program coordinator), Mortar Board Honor Society and an Orientation Leader. I loved giving tours of the UNC Campus! The leadership opportunities at UNC were what shaped me and directed me towards graduate school. The professors were approachable and supportive and I have many great memories of the faculty at UNC. I am still in touch with many of the Student Affairs professionals who became my mentors. I worked hard while at UNC, not only in my classes, but also in my extra-curricular activities. I learned to set goals and work toward achieving those goals.

I left my career when I had my son and stayed home for eight years taking care of my two kids. When my youngest started kindergarten, I worked part-time with their school district. I worked for seven years part-time and when my youngest started middle school, I decided to try and find a job back in my career field. It took me many months of applying for jobs and updating my resume and cover letter. It was discouraging, but I kept applying. It only takes one employer to see what skills and strengths you bring to a position. I have returned to my career field and my message to others is, ‘Don’t give up!’”

–Holly Underwood BA ’95, Sparks, Nev.