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April 29, 2016

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Excerpts from your letters:

I liked your article on childhood obesity in the Fall/Winter 2015 UNC Magazine.

I am a biological dentist with special interest in systemic health and nutrition. I have come to realize that you cannot get healthy or thin through exercise alone. You must deal with the nutrition that these kids are dealing with.

Remember, all the processed junk the kids are eating drives them to the parasympathetic side of their autonomic nervous systems, which makes exercise and the desire to exercise much more difficult.

–Dr. S. H. Van Gorden

I discovered the article in the UNC Magazine regarding childhood obesity. This certainly isn’t anything new; it was of great concern back in the 1970s.

An article in the Omaha World Herald (August 1979) regarding the subject states: “Hallstrom’s ‘War on Weight’ program has grown to a systemwide educational process to teach youngsters about physical fitness and correct eating habits.” It’s not just an exercise program. We were concerned with implementing a total plan that could help the youngsters throughout their lifetimes. We called it our WOW program.

–Tom Hallstrom, MA ’64, EdD ’65