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November 22, 2016

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Excerpts from your letters:

Before completing my degree I founded Common Good Compost LLC, a food waste recycling company serving residents of Greeley and surrounding communities. Our purpose is to collect and compost our customer’s food waste and return it for them to use in their gardens or lawns. We recently negotiated a contract with Holmes Dining Hall to start composting the hall’s food waste beginning in April. I believe there are endless opportunities for people to develop similar sustainable systems that bring about environmental and economic benefits.

–Geoff Schmidt, BA ’15

Dr. Grower’s Big Band of 1958 Singer Was Me! Imagine a freshman student from tiny Pierce who could sing sorta like Julie London knowing a couple of musicians on campus when she arrived, and then being asked/taken to a band rehearsal run by Bill Gower to play in true big band style.  Imagine that being the beginning of a year filled with performances including Hellzabruin and a first-ever Viscounts concert, which featured that singer. Also included that year were several sorority and fraternity big formals that were part of that big band experience. That singer was this kid — Doris V. Shirley. Glancing through the Spring-Summer UNC magazine brought back lovely memories of UNC and my student life there.

–Doris Wood, BA ’62, MA’78