David A. Wilkerson (MA ’51, BA ’49), Fort Collins, President CASSP; Chairman-NCA Commission on Secondary Schools; President-North Central Association of Colleges and Schools; Founding Principal Pueblo South High Schools; Over Seas Evaluator of NCA – DoD Secondary Schools.

Robert “Inge” Ingebritson (BA ’58), Lewisville, Texas, cooked meals for the homeless for 28 years. That equates to almost 11,000 gallons of stew.

Lily Rosqueta Rosales (Ed.D ’59), Quezon City, Philippines, was honored by the Holy Child Colleges of Butan City during an international scientific forum and workshop with the launching of the Dr. Lily Rosqueta Rosales Scholarship Grant. The scholarship grant will be made available to those pursuing a master of arts in guidance.