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The View from Here – Library Mural

El Centro de Educación de Aztlán

“El Centro de Educación de Aztlán,” painted by Brenda Vargas ‘22.

April 27, 2023

Michener Library celebrated its 50th anniversary with a brilliant new mural, “El Centro de Educación de Aztlán,” painted by Brenda Vargas ‘22, a first-generation Chicana/Mexicana born and raised in Denver. Her family roots trace back to Mexico City, which she considers the birthplace of her passion for art, activism and community. Vargas graduated with a degree in Chicana/o Latinx Studies and a minor in Sociology. 

She and the Chicano Studies Department presented the artwork as a way to create spaces on campus where Chicana/o and Latinx Students can feel safe and welcome, the mural is strategically located where students can meet, collaborate, learn and spread revolutionary knowledge.

“Just as Aztlán is the homeland for many Chicana/o and Latinx identifying students, this space will also serve as home in an academic space. We hope the images inspire and connect with generations of students that come to UNC,” said Vargas.

Brenda Vargas