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Fellow Bears - Spring 2022

Northern Vision

May 23, 2022

For more than 130 years, the University of Northern Colorado has served the needs of our state and communities by preparing well-trained graduates who have been leaders in their fields across Colorado and around the globe. Whether they have been educators, artists, activists, nurses, business and civic leaders, or one of the countless other careers held by our graduates, our alumni have been essential to the growth, health, and success of the people and organizations they serve. 

This is possible because we do so much more than just teach at UNC. Preparing students to seize on the immense potential that resides within each of them to achieve great things is at the heart of what we do as a Students First university. Surely, the student experience looks different now than it did so many years ago when we were getting our start as a normal school. Throughout our history, we have honed the practice of guiding students in the pursuit of the knowledge, skills, and experiences that prepare them to succeed in realizing their dreams and ambitions. We are an institution whose people have been recognized many times over for their innovation and skill in these endeavors — and in this edition of UNC Magazine, we celebrate some hallmarks of a UNC education. Whether it is through the relationships they develop with faculty members who nurture their mastery of a craft, leadership opportunities that hone their capacity to serve others, mentorship that cultivates ideas and clarifies purpose, or so many other experiences that occur inside and outside of the classroom, a student’s educational experience at UNC is enriched by human connections as they learn and grow alongside their peers and our faculty and staff. And so many of you — alumni and friends of the university — share in this by generously offering your time, talent, and treasure to support this work.

As an institution, we must continue striving to improve on what we have done so well since our founding in 1889. Sustained success depends on the contributions each one of you makes. Our Rowing, Not Drifting 2030 strategic plan sets out a bold vision for UNC to be the institution that Colorado looks to as the future of higher education. Our students will experience a personalized education grounded in the liberal arts and infused with critical and creative inquiry. They will establish relationships with faculty and staff that nurture individual development. They will gain the skills and knowledge that provide upward mobility. And, importantly, through their participation in a community that values respect for one another, they will develop a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. I look forward to sharing our progress in the coming months as we conclude our first two-year phase of our plan and  begin implementation of the second phase. 

There are so many successes to celebrate at UNC as we work to realize this vision and I am grateful for each member of our community who helps to make it all possible. For all that you do, I thank you.

Go Bears!

Andy Feinstein

Andy Feinstein, President

The Rowing, Not Drifting 2030 Strategic Plan can be found online at: