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Member Expectations


This agreement helps Student Judiciary members as well as their advisors to better understand the expectations set for their positions.

General Council Expectations


I understand the importance of academics and that I am a student first. I also understand that I am a role model for other students and will work to achieve an effective balance between my academic work and my judicial responsibilities. I understand that I need to keep my cumulative and semester GPA at 2.5 to maintain my position.


I understand that my participation is required and needed at meetings and hearings. I will do my best to attend and or participate in all meetings/hearings and arrive in a timely manner. I also understand that it is my responsibility to be prepared and knowledgeable of university policy and procedures. If my participation is unsatisfactory I understand I may be removed from my position.

Fulfillment of Duties

I understand that I must fulfill all specific duties of my position in a timely and thorough manner. I will have the responsibility of maintain contact with the Chief Justice, fellow board members, and advisors. I also understand that there may be extra duties assigned if the need arises throughout my term of office.

Ethical Behavior

I understand that as a member, I must maintain appropriate ethical behavior. This includes but is not limited to: appropriate professional relationships, following departmental and university policies, respect for members of the board, appropriate use of office equipment and organizational resources. I shall enter hearings with an open mind and an un-biased attitude. I understand that if I have a question about an action I should consult with my advisor before I act to ensure that I handle situations with the character and tact needed of Judiciary members.


I understand that it is important for leaders to act in a professional manner. In my position I will have the opportunity to interact with many different people and I understand that I am a representative of this board and the University of Northern Colorado. I further understand that my actions may impact not only myself, but also the board and the University of Northern Colorado. I am expected to be fair in my decision-making and take my personal opinion out of the hearing process. I will also expect my supervisor/advisor, officers and members I work with on this board to practice professionalism as well.

Chief Justice Expectations

As Chief Justice, I am responsible for all expectations in Section 2 for the general council.

Additional Expectations

I shall serve as the chair of the Student Judiciary and will preside over meetings and hearings brought to the board.

During hearings, I shall advise students of their rights and hearing regulations prior to the hearing being called to order.

I will direct, in conjunction to with the Student Right’s Advocate, the distribution of information on cases, bylaws, and any material needed for hearings or meetings to the board.