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Graduate Assistantships

MPH students who select UNC as their home campus may apply for available Graduate Assistantship (GA) positions. Several students are selected annually to serve as GAs in the Community Health Program, and a limited number of GA positions are available in other programs on the UNC Campus through the Graduate School & International Admissions.

In return for ten hours per week of assistance with faculty research, class preparation and programmatic support, GAs in the Community Health Program receive a stipend and payment of a portion of ColoradoSPH tuition and UNC student activity fees (excluding technology fees). The terms of GA positions outside Community Health vary by program. Many programs calculate tuition benefits based on UNC, versus ColoradoSPH, tuition rates and do not pay any portion of fees. Be certain you review and understand the terms of your employment.

In order for tuition payments to be correctly applied to your ColoradoSPH account, all MPH students who accept GA positions on the UNC Campus must notify Esta Lukemire prior to the start of classes. Students will need to provide the program and contact person for whom they will be working, and the terms of their employment.

For more information about Graduate Assistantships in Community Health, please contact Esta Lukemire.

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