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You will need to search for textbooks depending on where your class is held. You can always double-check course numbers and host campus under Courses & Registration. For example, if you are registered for PUBH 6600 (which is hosted at CU Anschutz, you will find the required textbook at the CU Anschutz Bookstore (in-person or online). UNC classes will be searchable by UNC course numbers. For example, CHBH 6120 (Statistical Applications in Public Health) is cross-listed as CH 612 at UNC and your required textbook(s) can be found at the UNC Bookstore (in-person or online).

Use the appropriate link below to find required textbooks for your courses. If nothing is listed, please contact the instructor.

CU Anschutz Bookstore

CSU Bookstore

UNC Bookstore

Colorado SPH