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Undergraduate Requirements for Master of Arts in Speech-Language Pathology

Completion of an undergraduate program in speech-language sciences, audiology, or communication disorders is required before beginning the master's degree program. Applicants with a degree in another discipline must complete the core undergraduate coursework in communication disorders.

Course Name Description
CSD260 Introduction to Phonetics Characteristics of American English speech sounds and the International Phonetic Alphabet symbols used to represent them. Normal phonological development.
CSD343 Fundamentals of Physical and Biological Acoustics The physics of sound as it relates to speech and hearing. A hearing science course covering acoustics will meet the requirement.
CSD266 Normal Speech and Language Development Normal speech and language development and their relationship to other aspects of child development.
CSD267 Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanism Structure and Function of the Speech and auditory/vestibular mechanisms. 
CSD360 Articulation and Voice Disorders Current Information regarding identification, causation, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders of articulation and voice disorders. 
CSD365 Language Disorders in Children Analysis of aspects of language as they relate to the treatment of language disorders in children.
CSD370 Basic Audiology Pathologies and disorders of the auditory vestibular system, pure-tone testing, methods of speech audiometry, interpretation of audiometric data in terms of physical, social and educational effects.
CSD469 Clinical Processes in Speech-Language Pathology

Diagnosis and treatment of communication disorders. Test construction, administration, scoring and interpretation of data from tests, observation and inventories. Development of treatment programs, evidence-based practice, ethics, and client-clinician relationships.

Note: This is not a practicum.

CSD478 Aural Rehabilitation
and Amplification
A study of basic principles of aural rehabilitation and the use of amplification systems for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing including personal hearing aids and other specialized assistive listening/alerting devices.

ASHA Required Foundation Courses


Biological Sciences

Physical Sciences (physics or chemistry) Behavioral or Social Sciences

Courses in these areas may be completed through UNC, Community Colleges, or other university/colleges. Please note it is very difficult to make up deficiencies during the graduate program due to the full-time nature of the program.