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About the Audiology and Speech Language Sciences

Our mission is to provide academic and clinical training for undergraduate, masters, and doctoral students majoring in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology and to benefit the professions and community through our educational programs, research endeavors, and clinical activities.

The vision of the programs in Audiology and Speech-Language Sciences (ASLS) is to foster growth in the following areas:

  • Integrating academic training and research with clinical practice using teacher/scholar and analogous clinician/researcher models in the context of evidence-based clinical practice.
  • State of the art technology for the advancement of teaching, research, and clinical services.
  • Diversity in terms of a broad client base, on and off campus clinical opportunities, research experiences, faculty expertise and background, and student demographics.
  • Collaborative research opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students and faculty.
  • Multi-disciplinary and alternative learning opportunities such as service-learning, and cross-disciplinary and on-line coursework.
  • Leadership at local community, state, regional, and national levels.

ASLS creates an environment that cultivates the following values: Flexibility, adaptability, creativity, diversity, integrity, student-centered instruction, mentorship, collegiality, leadership, and celebration of faculty achievement and student success.