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Danny Garcia Ramos

Danny Garcia Ramos

Business Administration: Management

Business Administration
Monfort College of Business

Research/Areas of Interest

Sit-to-Stand in Cancer Survivors: Effects of a 12-Week Resistance Training Program
Mentor: Jeremy Smith, PhD, School of Sport and Exercise Science


I am Jesus Garcia Ramos, but everyone calls me Danny. It’s a long story on why everyone calls me that, so it is a story for another bio. I was born and raised in Greeley, CO and even though a lot of people say they dislike Greeley, I actually enjoy living here. It isn’t Denver, but Greeley has just enough in it so that I don’t want to move to a bigger city. I am currently a Business Administration major with an emphasis in Management. I would like to pursue my Master’s degree in Sports and Exercise Science with a Biomechanics emphasis, as well as eventually obtain my PhD in the same field. My academic goal is to obtain a PhD before I am 28 years old, and my professional goal is to be recognized both as a professional in the SES field as well as in the business field. Something unique about myself is that I enjoy powerlifting. It may not be completely unique, but I have met very few people who actually enjoy both competing and watching powerlifting.