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Peter Concepcion

Peter Concepcion


Psychological Sciences
Education and Behavioral Sciences

Research/Areas of Interest

Perceived Social Norms in Courtship Initiation in Various Social Situations 
Mentor: Rena Kirkland, PhD, School of Psychological Sciences


My name is Peter Concepcion. I am from Thornton, CO but I am originally from a small island in the Pacific Ocean called Guam. I am a Psychology major here at UNC. After college I want to use my degree to become a secondary school counselor. I want to focus my attention on high school students, but I would not be opposed to working with junior high students as well. I also want to start my own practice so that if students need additional help they can come to me after school. Something I believe to be unique about me is that I am originally from Guam. This makes me a Pacific Islander, which is a small portion of the population. However, being a native Chamorro is an even smaller population of the Pacific Islander ethnicity. This makes it extremely rare to meet someone who is like me making me a unique person when others ask me what ethnicity I am. I always welcome any questions or conversations about Guam and what it means to be Chamorro, so if you see me around campus feel free to strike up a conversation!