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COVID-19: News and Campus Updates

CUE Leadership Council

The Center for Urban Education Leadership Council is a broad-based coalition of Denver-area school and business leaders. The Council works to correct the persistent mismatch between teacher and student demographics. We are dedicated to preparing world-class teachers who are competent and confident in urban classrooms.

Together, CUE leaders and Denver-area school leaders are working to solve the teacher shortage. We invite you to be a part of the Council and help shape the future of teaching in Denver-area schools.

If you want to participate on the Leadership Council, contact Rosanne Fulton  (303-637-4334 or rosanne.fulton@unco.edu). We will send you our regular e-newsletter (details below).

Graphic that demonstrates the CUE leadership council process

Leadership Council Chronicle

The Leadership Council Chronicle is an e-newsletter that shares excellence in teaching, culturally responsive teaching, and happenings at the Center.

August 2021 Issue

Learning to Facilitate Classroom Conversations about Race

  • Thanks to Chevron for a Generous Donation
  • Tamarac Optimists Club Awards Scholarships to CUE Students

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July 2021 Issue

Four Ways to Keep Online Students in the Fold

  • Use These Techniques to Keep Online Students Engaged
  • Know Someone Who Would Be a Great Teacher?

Read the July 2021 Issue

June 2021 Issue

UNC Center for Urban Education Celebrates 2021 Graduates

  • Love is all you need
  • The great sendoff
  • A message from the director

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May 2021 Issue

Urban Teachers and Students Experience the Great Outdoors

  • The Great Outdoor Gear Giveaway
  • How to Donate

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April 2021 Issue

Rowing, Not Drifting 2030: Center for Urban Education Efforts to Support UNC's Strategic Plan.

  • Creating a Student-Ready Campus
  • Prioritizing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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March 2021 Issue

What Do Top-Performing Teachers Do? Two Denver-Area School Districts Weigh In

CUE is a "grow your own" program. What can that mean for your district?

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February 2021 Issue

Practicing What We Preach: How to Teach People to Teach (5 tactics with examples)

Called to Teach: Denver7 News Features Two CUE Teacher Candidates

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January 2021 Issue

Ways to Support Future Teachers to Get Started

  • Paraprofessional meetings
  • Special conferences
  • Counselor department meetings

Hispanic Men Changing the World: Alejandro Brambila

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December 2020 Issue

Batteries Included: Three Graduates Inspire and Energize

  • Stephanie Escudero
  • Anthony Pope
  • Ruby Briseño

DPS Tuition Assistance for Paraprofessionals

Read the December 2020 Issue

November 2020 Issue

Former teacher (and First Lady of Colorado) shares a path for improved early childhood education:

  • Put the Research to Work
  • Make the Connection Between Mental and Physical Health
  • Create Equitable Outcomes

Read the November 2020 Issue

October 2020 Issue

Two metro Denver principals share strategies for more equitable education:

  • Chris Denmark, Executive Principal, 
    Global Village Academy
  • Blake Hammond, Principal, Marie L. Greenwood Academy

Read the October 2020 Issue

September 2020 Issue

New Student Introductions

  • Kayla Readus
  • Chuda Dhungana
  • Jessie Christensen

Binocular donation partnership helps CUE students teach science

Read the September 2020 Issue

August 2020 Issue

Alumni Profile: Dayana Fauver

  • First year teaching experience
  • Then the pandemic hit
  • Looking to the future

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July 2020 Issue

How to keep students' Attention When School Goes Online

  • The #1 priority
  • Partnering with parents

Read the July 2020 Issue

Advice from Spring Graduates Issue

Spring 2020 graduates of CUE programs (new teachers!) share advice with future teachers including general tips, the difference they hope to make, and what anxieties they will work to overcome.

Read the Advice from Spring Graduates 2020 Issue

June 2020 Issue

  • Community College: the Perfect Gateway to a Four-Year Degree – quality education and a sense of community
  • News about HS graduations and back-to-school plans

Read the June 2020 Issue

May 2020 Issue

  • How to Teach on Video – tips for setup, lighting, sound, cameras, and more
  • News about teaching online and teaching in Colorado

Read the May 2020 Issue

April 2020 Issue

  • What’s Happening in Denver’s Virtual Classrooms Right Now – tips and experiences from CUE alumni who are teaching and supporting students remotely
  • Colorado teacher news and advice articles

Read the April 2020 Issue

March 2020 Issue

  • 9News features the UNC Center for Urban Education
  • DPS announces scholarships for paraprofessionals who enter teacher-preparation programs
  • Transfer credits for CUE students

Read the March 2020 Issue

February 2020 Issue

  • School-Family Partnerships: benefits for students, parents and teachers
  • How School and Community Leaders Partner with CUE
  • Upcoming paraprofessional open houses

Read the February 2020 Issue

January 2020 Issue

  • Shared Power: you're not the only expert in the room
  • CUE hosted an open house for 20 DPS paraprofessionals
  • Open house for counselors, principals and leaders is February 11

Read the January 2020 Issue

December 2019 Issue

  • The role of caring in the classroom and at CUE
  • Caring self-assessment
  • DPS paraprofessional open house: January 6

Read the December 2019 Issue

November 2019 Issue

  • Intellectual engagement: classroom examples and a short self-assessment
  • Center for Urban Education staff present at SHEEO Summit

Read the November 2019 Issue

October 2019 Issue

  • Profile of faculty member and mentor Jo Bunton Keel
  • UNC leadership talks CUE student success
  • Enhance learning activities for center students and faculty

Read the October 2019 Issue

September 2019 Issue

  • High Expectations Key to Quality Mentoring: profile of teacher mentor Khoa Nguyen
  • How to Be an Everyday Hero: profile of graduating CUE student Jessica Delgado Trujillo

Read the September 2019 Issue

August 2019 Issue

  • Profiles of new students Devon Reese and Caitlyn East
  • Thank you to Dr. Kronberg and Dr. Rutter
  • CUE welcomed our newest students with orientation this month

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July 2019 Issue

  • Profile feature: CUE student Cassandra Harden was drawn to teaching. She now applies theory to the classroom to facilitate culturally-responsive learning.

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June 2019 Issue

  • Every Student Reading at Grade Level? It's Not Out of Reach
  • Contact or support Scholars Unlimited
  • Refer future teachers to Center for Urban Education

Read the June 2019 Issue

May 2019 Issue

  • From Probation to Prominence: How Hallett Academy Turned Around
  • Congratulations to the newest CUE graduates
  • Westminster Public Schools Employees Receive Teaching Awards

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