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Hasan Zaghlawan, Ph.D.

Hasan Zaghlawan, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Early Childhood
School of Special Education

Contact Information

McKee 44D


Professional/Academic Experience

Research/Areas of Interest

Publications/Creative Works

Zaghlawan, H. Y., Ostrosky M. M. (in preparation). Promoting preschoolers’ engagement in circle time. Young Exceptional Children.  
Zaghlawan, H. Y. (in preparation). The state of children’s engagement: A systematic literature review. Journal of Early Intervention.  
Ritchotte, J., & Zaghlawan, H. Y. (under review). Coaching Parents to Use a Strengths-Based Learning Strategy with Their Young 2E Children. Gifted Child Quarterly.
Shaffer, L., Zaghlawa, H. Y., Cheatham, G. A., Sobh-Ahmad, Z. (under review). Challenging behavior support: A needs assessment of Arab American families and their children. International Journal of Special Education.
Ritchotte, J. A., & Zaghlawan, H. Y., & Lee, C. W. (2017). Paving the path to engagement for high potential children. Parenting for High Potential, 6, 8-13.
Ostrosky, M. M., Santos, R. M., & Zaghlawan, H. Y (2017). Early Intervention and Early Childhood Education. In Shogran, K. A. & Wehmeyer, M. L. (Eds.), Research-based practices for educating students with intellectual disability. New York: Routledge.