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Paula Conroy, Ed.D.

Paula Conroy, Ed.D.


Visual Impairment
School of Special Education

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McKee 010


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Publications/Creative Works

Milian, M., Conroy, P., & Correa-Torres, S. (in press). Multicultural Issues. In C. Holbrook, C. Kamei-Hannan,& T. Wright (Eds.), Foundations of Education, Third Edition. New York: AFB Press.

Conroy, P. (2016). Building Background Knowledge: Pre-teaching PhysicalEducation Concepts to Students with Visual Impairments. Journal of Blindness Innovation and Research, 6(2).

Conroy, P. (2015). Investigation of the Impact of Recreational Ski Program On Individuals who are Blind and Visually Disabled. Palestra. 29(4), 36-40.

Lieberman, L., Haegele, J., Columna, L., & Conroy, P (2014). How students with visual impairments can learn the components of the expanded core curriculum through physical education. Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness. 108(3), 239.

Conroy, P. (2014). Promoting Reflective Practices in Special Education through Action Research:  Recommendations from Preservice Teachers. Networks: On-Line Journal for Teacher Research.

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