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Academic Achievement 

Colorado students take end of grade assessments in third through tenth grade. The distribution of proficiency rates can inform approaches to close gaps. For example, more intensive interventions are likely needed when a large percent of students scored in the unsatisfactory category as compared to areas where most students scored in the partially proficient category.

The following visualizations are designed to display achievement data for Colorado students in foster care with the capability to compare proficiency categories by school level or grade level across the span of 2008 to 2014.

Data can also be filtered by gender and race/ethnicity. Use the drop down menus and pick lists on the right to change the year, school or grade level, and other demographic information depending on the data you need.

Recommendations for Displaying of Information:

  1. Selecting many categories at once will create a busy visualization; limit your selections to simplify the display.
  2. Selecting "At/Above Grade" Level collapses proficient and advanced categories.

In addition to the text provided on the screen, information related to the data can be found by hovering your cursor over different aspects of each visualization.

Achievement data is presented first by school level (e.g., elementary) then by grade level. Use the side navigation to view additional information.