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ROTC Activities

The Army ROTC training is a mix of classroom and field work, as well as opportunities to go off campus for Army training or to compete in events.  Click through the entries below for a preview of some of the activities offered. 

  • Campus Activities: ZERO WEEK

    The week before fall semester begins, an orientation to Army ROTC is held to introduce the program to new students and to give the older students a chance to lead.  This is a head start to the school year and to ROTC.


  • Campus Activities:  FORMAL EVENTS

    The Military Ball and Dining In are traditional Army occasions, for which military personnel wear their dress uniforms and interact with other cadets, cadre, and guests.  Awards are handed out to honor individual achievements throughout the year. 


  • Campus Activities:  COLOR GUARD

    Color Guard performs precision ceremonies at major events, both on and off campus.  Some of the functions the Color Guard serves include football games, the Military Ball, commissioning and graduation ceremonies.


  • Battalion Activities:  RANGER CHALLENGE

    The Ranger Challenge is a region-wide activity that brings together ROTC programs from a variety of universities.  The Challenge Teams can participate in eight different events, including Physical Fitness, 10K Ruck Run, Land Navigation, and Orienteering.


  • Battalion Activities:  FTX (Field Training Exercise)

    In both the fall and spring semesters ROTC students spend a three day weekend in the field putting into practice the skills learned in class - rifle marksmanship, land navigation, and reconnaissance techniques are just a few of the skills exercised. 


  • Army Training:  Basic Camp

    For college students with no prior military or ROTC training, Basic Camp is a four week leadership program offered at Fort Knox, Kentucky.  Students in the two year program can attend the training before their junior year.   You can find more information at the Summer Training website


  • Army Training:  Advanced Camp

    Advanced Camp is a month-long capstone course held at Fort Knox, Kentucky.  Cadets attend the course following their third year in ROTC and are evaluated based on their leadership, learning, and interpersonal skills.  The camp prepares cadets for their final year - they will return to be the cadet officers of their respective ROTC Battalions.  Learn more at the Summer Training website