Student Health Insurance Program


If you did not waive the school insurance in Fall 2016, you can waive for Spring 2017 by logging into URSA, choose the Student tab and under Student Applications click on the "Online Health Insurance Waiver" link. This will only waive the insurance for Spring 2017. You will need to complete the waiver again in the fall for the 2017-2018 year. The deadline to waive for spring is January 23rd at 5:00 pm.


All undergraduate students with 9 or more credit hours and all degree seeking graduate students with 6 or more credits REGARDLESS of the type of class (on campus, off campus, on line) will automatically be charged for the UNC student health insurance plan and the cost will be reflected on the student bill. Students have the option to waive out of the plan by completing the on-line waiver via URSA, showing proof of comparable coverage, prior to the deadline, which is the 10th day of classes.

NOTE TO INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: International students, REGARDLESS if degree seeking or not degree seeking, are subject to all of the same insurance process and procedures as other students.

Students that are subject to J-Visa requirements must also have full medical insurance coverage. Students have the option to waive out of the UNC insurance plan by completing the on-line waiver via URSA.

If you are a student at Walking Mountain Science Center and you have questions regarding the UNC insurance plan, contact

Download a copy of the 2016-2017 Plan Brochure here. If you have any questions about UNC's Student Health Insurance Program please feel free to contact the Insurance Office in Cassidy Hall at 970-351-1915 or by e-mail at We look forward to helping you reach your academic and career goals while attending the University of Northern Colorado.

(You can still Download a copy of the 2015-2016 Insurance brochure by clicking here)

If you are covered under the UNC insurance plan, you must contact the Student Health Center at 970-351-2412 prior to seeking care elsewhere. If you are 20 miles or more away from the health center or the health center is closed, you may see any participating provider. To locate a participating provider, visit: 

Informational video for your UNC Health insurance coverage:

For claims and benefit information, plan highlights and enrollment procedures visit

The UNC Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) offers our students an excellent medical insurance option. The Student plan is a major medical insurance plan with a low $500 per year deductible, and then pays covered expenses at 80% in network.
The plan uses the CIGNA network of physicians and can be used anywhere there is a CIGNA provider. The plan includes a pharmaceutical benefit, mental health coverage, physician visits and hospitalization coverage.
The 2016-2017 premium is only $1240 per semester and provides year round coverage if the student keeps the plan for fall and spring semesters.

For summer coverage only, contact or call 970-351-1915 to enroll.

Students covered on the UNC insurance plan will not have a deductible for covered services at the Student Health Center located in Cassidy Hall. Students will be charged a $20.00 copay and covered services will be paid at 100% after the $20.00 copay instead of the usual 80% at an outside clinic. You will also be responsible for the $500.00 deductible if you go to a clinic other than the Student Health Center.( Lab work or other services that are sent outside of the Student Health Center will still be subject to the $500 deductible).

FAQ's - Click here for frequently asked questions regarding your 2016-2017 insurance coverage.

Dental and Vision

For UNC Students looking for an affordable optional dental or vision plan, please visit and set up your benefits directly with Spirit Dental. Many affordable plans are availbable and you will be able to choose the plan that best fits your needs. This plan is not connected to the medical plan, and you are not automatically covered if you have the UNC health insurance plan. If you are wanting dental or vision, you must complete your enrollment directly with Spirit Dental and pay premiums directly to them.

There is a $500 benefit with the UNC insurance plan for impacted wisdom teeth. There are no other Dental or Vision benefits with this plan. Students are offered discounts from local providers.
Providers offering discounts for UNC students;

-Ryan Bingham DDS (dentist) 970-353-2340
-Greeley Dental Health 970-353-4329
-VisionWorks 970-356-1161
-Vision Center 970-330-0854 or 353-8958

(Call providers for specific discount information)

Campus Policy Regarding Health Insurance

  • It is a policy of the UNC Board of Trustees that all undergraduate students who are enrolled for 9 or more credit hours, or Graduate students enrolled for 6 or more credit hours, are required to have health insurance. This is to ensure that health care costs will not interfere with your academic goals.
  • All undergraduate students with 9 or more semester hours are automatically enrolled in the university student health insurance plan and billed with other university services. All graduate students with 6 or more semester hours are automatically enrolled in the university student health insurance plan and billed along with other university services.
  • If you have other comparable insurance, you must show proof of insurance and submit an online waiver by the 10th day of classes. (See what qualifies as comparable insurance here).
  • We do not accept paper waivers, and you do not need to submit a copy of your insurance card to the Insurance Office. The entire waiver process is handled through the online waiver system.
  • Every student who meets the above criteria must do a new waiver every fall. If you did not complete a Fall waiver and wish to waive the Insurance for Spring semester, you must complete the online waiver.

If you participate in a Health Care Sharing Ministry Program approved by the Federal Health and Human Services division, contact the Student Health Insurance office at 970-351-1915 or email for further instructions on waiving the UNC insurance plan.

Instructions for Accessing The Online Waiver Form: ONLINE WAIVER FOR FALL 2016-2017 CLOSED

  1. If you already have an URSA account, you may log into, choose the Financial tab and locate the link to the "UNC Student Health Insurance Plan Online Waiver System". Scroll all the way to the bottom of the paragraph and choose the blue begin button. If you are timed out, call Cece Clark at 970-351-1915 or email to have your waiver reset.
  2. IMPORTANT: Please be sure to have your insurance card available before you enter the online waiver system!
  3. If you have been admitted, but do not have an URSA account, access the URSA home page at and create your student account from the link titled "NEW STUDENTS START HERE." Once your account has been established, follow the same steps as in item 1 above.

HIPAA Privacy Policy and Procedures - If you are a UNC employee and need to set up HIPAA training for your department, please contact Deb Miller at or call 970-351-1919.

Office Hours:

Insurance Office located in Cassidy Hall
Ask front desk to speak with Insurance Coordinator

Office Hours
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
8:00 - 5:00
Closed Wednesday


P# 970-351-1915
F# 970-351-4726