Welcome to the Bresnahan-Halstead Center!

The Bresnahan-Halstead Center is committed to work for the advancement of knowledge and quality of services for people with disabilities through research, professional development, technical assistance, and scholarships. The Center works in partnership with various agencies in Colorado, the nation, and internationally to achieve these missions.

Professional Development

The Center seeks to increase the knowledge and skills of professionals who work with students with disabilities for the purpose of improving the academic, social, emotional, and vocational outcomes of individuals with disabilities.


The Center is committed to assisting students in pursuit of their degree in the School of Special Education at the University of Northern Colorado by providing academic scholarships.  In addition, scholarship funds are available to students and educators who attend Center-sponsored professional development events.

Partnerships/Technical Assistance

The Center seeks to create and support partnerships with professionals and organizations that work with students with disabilities to improve the academic, social, emotional and vocational outcomes of individuals with disabilities. 


The Center provides funding on an annual basis to assist faculty in the School of Special Education at UNC to conduct research that is aligned with the mission of the Center.


The Center provides funding to assist faculty and doctoral students in the School of Special Education at UNC and members of the Center’s Advisory Board to disseminate research at or attend professional conferences.



2017 Early Childhood Summit
- Effective Teaming and Collaboration in Early Childhood Environments
- June 8-10, 2017
- Keystone, Colorado

2017 Special Education Directors' Leadership Academy
- Identity of Special Education and Its Implications for leadership
- July 5-7, 2017
- Vail, Colorado