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Your career after UNC can take you anywhere - from an urban classroom in Denver, to a Broadway stage in New York City.  But no matter where life takes you, you'll always be a Bear and we'll always be here. Here to connect you to the advisors, resources and programs which will help you launch (or relaunch) your career. Here when you're ready to celebrate your career success. Here when you're ready to help the next generation of Bears do the same. That's what we see as the professional power of your Bear Network.

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Alumni career advisors from across the Bear Network make a tangible difference in the careers of UNC students and recent graduates. Volunteer to discuss career ideas, review résumés or help with industry interviews - all through UNC Connect or Success Looks Like ME.



Sign up for an online Office Hours event, gain and share career advice on our blog, connect with fellow alumni through our LinkedIn group, search for or post a job through our online portal, or connect with the UNC Bear Network near you.


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View one of more than 500 career webinars on UNC Connect, attend an on-campus career fair, build your résumé or cover letter, update your information, give back in support of fellow bears, or view other resources available to you.

Now is the time to connect your career to the UNC Bear Network. If you require specific assistance or wish to discuss your involvement in the Bear Network, please contact or (970) 351-2551.

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Office Hours are series of online events that support your professional development and connection to UNC. Sponsored by your Alumni Association and Career Services, 'Office Hours' provide a unique opportunity to get the career support you need by chatting one-on-one with UNC professionals while connecting with fellow bears from around the Bear Network. Sign up for one of upcoming events today and get your career questions answered.

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Alumni Career Highlight

Tangier Barnes Wright

Africana Studies, minor in Environmental Studies '05

Director of Transportation Programs, Groundworks Denver

Alumni Career Advisor: UNC Connect

Tangier Barnes Wright grew up riding bikes, climbing trees and playing in Colorado's South Platte River with her sister. On family vacations, though, the would head to big cities: New York. Indianapolis. Cleveland. Barnes Wright fell in love with the way big cities worked - the roads, sidewalks, store fronts, delivery trucks, pedestrians - while also loving the quiet streets and fresh air of the country.  It is a background that inspires her career as a urban planner helping Denver residents who are disproportionately impacted by pollution, soil contamination and poorly designed infrastructure.  

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