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Research Nights Fall 2018

Fall 2018 marked University 101's fourth annual Research Night. Freshman student participants shared the results of their semester research projects on November 12 and 15 with the university community. Each evening included an opportunity for students to be judged for Outstanding Posters. The following are the results of this competition for each evening:

Monday Night: Nov 12 Results 

Student Place UNIV 101 Instructor
Desi Ochoa 1st Emili Pickenpaugh
Maddy Carpenter 2nd Victoria Flores
Breanna Hopper 3rd Alexis Hauck
Madeline Weiss Honorable Mention Stephanie Persutte-Manning
Lindsey Heldens Honorable Mention Jason Rose
Clare Chaddon Honorable Mention Nate Croteau
Ilene Remmers Honorable Mention Mackenzie May
Charlson Price Honorable Mention Nate Croteau

Thursday Night: Nov 15 Results

Student Place UNIV 101 Instructor
Milena Brown 1st Alexis Hauck
Madeline Nagel 2nd Claire Critchlow
Christopher Hudson 3rd Alexis Hauck
Katilla Osindero 3rd Susannah Moore
Destiny Maes Honorable Mention Mackenzie May
Sara Matzen Honorable Mention Jenni Santopietro
Jasmine Day Honorable Mention Alexis Hauck
Fernanda Carranza Honorable Mention Bonnie Nicholson
Mia Ballos Honorable Mention Kaitlin Ohde