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Jay-La Blakey-Davidson

Jay-La Blakey-Davidson

Special Projects Coordinator

Marcus Garvey Cultural Center

About Me

Houston, Texas

College Major(s) or Earned Degrees
Elementary Education; Emphasis in Special Education

Future Profession or Post-UNC Plans
Future Educator

Favorite TV Shows
I’m in Love with A Church Girl (fav movie)

What is something you accomplished that you’re really proud of?
Receiving my Reisher Scholarship, and also receiving my work positions through the Garvey, admissions and NSO.

Why did you choose to work at the MGCC?
Throughout working in other offices on campus, I’ve really grown an appreciation of working with other individuals who look like me. Knowing the events the Garvey plans and presents for the University and identifying as an African American young woman, I found so much interest in working on a team that not only brings my community together, but being able to plan those events with other vibrant and excited Black-identifying coworkers was a plus! Working for the Garvey was an excellent switch up of offices for me and I greatly appreciate my position here!