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Clubs and Organizations Funding

All currently charted UNC student clubs/organizations are eligible to apply for event funding from the Office of Student Clubs & Organizations. Funding is available on a first-come, first-served basis and the funding application will close after all funding for the period has been awarded. The funding process is divided into two funding periods per semester. The funding periods for Spring 2018 are: 

  • 1st Funding Period: January and February (application opens January 2, 2018)
  • 2nd Funding Period: March through May (application opens February 14th, 2018)

If your event will take place in January or February, you can submit a funding request during the 1st funding period. If your event will take place in March, April, or May, you can submit a funding request during the 2nd funding period.

Event Funding FAQs

For more information about applying for event funding, please review the answers to frequently asked questions below. The full funding policy is available here.

  • Who is eligible for event funding?

    In order to be eligible for event funding from the Office of Student Clubs & Organizations, groups must meet the following criteria: 

    • Be a currently chartered UNC club/organization

    • Have a good financial history as determined by the Student Club Business Office.

    • The event must be non-profit in nature.

    • The club must not be funded through the University’s general revenue dollars or Student Programming Allocations. For example, academic departments and campus offices may not apply for funding because they already receive funding from the University’s general budget.

  • How can my club apply for funding?

    All clubs must submit an online Funding Request form. This form can be found on the right side of this webpage in the blue box that says “Apply for Event Funding.” Preference will be given to requests that are submitted at least 14 calendar days prior to the event date. Requests for events occurring within 14 days of the funding request submission will be considered if the club demonstrates adequate planning and resources for the event. Clubs may not request funds for operational budgets or regular club meetings.

    If the funding period has closed or all funds for the period have been awarded, then clubs must wait until the next funding period opens to submit their request.

  • What information is required on the Funding Request Form?

    On the Funding Request Form, clubs are asked to provide the following information:

    • Description of the event

    • Description of how the event will benefit the club, UNC students, and the UNC community

    • Detailed estimate and description of all event expenses

    • Event details (date, time, location)

    • Marketing plan

    • If the event has been held by your club the past, you must also provide information about that event (estimated attendance, marketing plan, and changes or improvements)

    • If your event has a co-sponsor, you will be asked to provide information about the co-sponsoring group

  • How much funding can a club get?

    Total funding from the Office of Student Clubs & Organizations for each club’s events may not exceed $5,000 for the academic year. Clubs may not be awarded more than $1000 of Regular Funding and $500 of Match Funding per funding period.

  •  What happens after a club submits a funding request?

     After you submit your request, the Office of Student Clubs & Organizations will review it within 5 business days. If the event meets the funding criteria, the club will be invited via e-mail to attend a Funding Board meeting. At least one member of the club must attend the meeting and be prepared to answer questions about the proposed event. Funding Board meetings are held twice weekly in the Office of Student Clubs & Organizations.

  • What’s the difference between Regular and Match Funding?
    •  Regular Funding is funding awarded for eligible event funding requests up to $1,000.

    • Match Funding is a supplemental award available on top of Regular Funding. Clubs may request up to $500 of Match Funding each funding period. To be eligible for Match Funding, the club must demonstrate that they can “match” the amount provided by utilizing the balance of their club’s account or through documented co-sponsorship. Documented co-sponsorship may include a pledge of financial support from a campus department, local or national business, or a regional or national chapter of the club.

  • Can my club apply for funding for more than one event?

     Yes. If your club is planning to host multiple events, you can submit multiple funding requests.

  • When do funding applications close?

    Funding request applications will close on the last day of each funding period or when all funding for that period has been awarded. When the funding request application is closed, clubs must wait until the opening date of the next funding period to submit their event funding request.

  • How do we know if our club’s event is eligible for funding?

     The Funding Board uses the following criteria to review requests:

    • The event must be open to all current UNC students

    • Credibility of the proposed event budget

    • Credibility and completeness of the event plan

    • Benefit of the event to the University, students, and the club

    • Financial need of the club

    • Marketing costs may not exceed 10% of the requested amount

    • If requesting match funding, the club must be able to demonstrate their ability to match the amount requested through co-sponsorship or use of the club’s funds

  • Are there any limitations on event funding?

    Clubs who utilize event funding must follow the Office of Student Clubs & Organizations Event Funding Policy. To view this policy, .The Office of Student Clubs & Organizations authorized to reject funding applications deemed inappropriate. Inappropriate funding requests include:

    • Events that are not open to all UNC students

    • Food requests that exceed $15 per meal per person

    • Food for any regularly scheduled organizational meeting

    • Payment to speakers who are current UNC students

    • Payment to speakers who do not possess demonstrable expertise relevant to the content of the event

    • Direct contributions to charitable organizations or agencies (a service or product must be rendered for all monies disseminated)

    • Funding for travel to conferences or registration for conferences

    • Lodging and travel costs

    • Alcohol or drug purchases

    • Salaries, stipends, or scholarships for elected or appointed student organization officers.

    • Personal gifts that are not connected with an event

    • Private receptions or parties

    • Funding for programs or activities which produce academic credits to attendees

    • Money will only be allocated for t-shirts if the shirts are used as marketing material for the specific event in question

    Inappropriate funding requests will not be considered. Clubs who fail to comply with the Office of Student Clubs & Organizations Event Funding Policy may have their charter temporarily or permanently suspended.

  • How does a club use event funding after it is awarded?

     All event funding is administered through the Student Club Business Office on the second floor of the University Center (next to ID services.) At the Business Office, clubs may check out a credit card to purchase event supplies or request a check,  Electronic Internal Order, or reimbursement to pay for event expenses.

    The Student Club Business office requires that:

    • Officers with approved financial authority for the club must handle all financial transactions.

    • To initiate the use of funds, all clubs must fill out a Work Copy Form or get advance approval for reimbursement from the Office of Student Clubs & Organizations.

    • Two officers must give approval for expenditures.

    • Expenditures or commitments made without an approved Work Copy shall be considered a personal transaction and the Office of Student Clubs & Organizations will not be responsible for payment. Reimbursements are permissible only if they are outlined in the funding application and approved in advance by the Office of Student Clubs & Organizations.

    • Purchases of services or goods may not exceed the total amount that the organization has earned and deposited into its account.

    • Deficit spending will not be covered by the Office of Student Clubs & Organizations allocations; clubs are responsible for covering deficit costs.

    • All travel, contracting or payment of speakers must be processed in advance with the Student Club Business Office.

    If the above procedures are not followed, the club will be responsible for unapproved expenditures. Clubs may utilize event funding 60 prior and 14 days after the event date. Clubs are responsible for paying all invoices in a timely manner. Event funding may not be used to cover late payment fees.

  • What does my club have to do after our event?

    Clubs are required to submit a follow-up form within 14 days of the event. Make sure to keep documentation of all event costs!

    Failure to submit an event follow-up form may result in temporary or permanent suspension of the club’s charter. The follow-up form is available on the Office of Student Clubs & Organization’s website and must include the following information:

    • Description of what occurred at the event

    • Estimated number of attendees

    • Final cost of event

    • Documentation of event costs (invoices, receipts, copies of receipts, and photos of receipts are acceptable forms of documentation)

  • What happens if our club’s event is canceled?
    If your club’s event is canceled please notify the Office of Student Clubs & Organizations immediately.
  • What happens if a club does not follow the Event Funding Policy?
    The Office of Student Clubs & Organizations is authorized to investigate such violations and may also refer investigations to other campus partners such as the Dean of Students Office and UNC Police. Student clubs found to have violated UNC or Office of Student Clubs & Organizations policy or any local, state, or federal law may face a temporary or permanent charter suspension.In the event that strong evidence is presented that a club may have violated UNC or Office of Student Clubs & Organizations policy or any local, state, or federal law, the Office has the authority to suspend the club's account. If the Office of Student Clubs & Organizations initiates seizure or suspension of funds, the club will be notified within 48 hours. The Office of Student Clubs & Organizations will also notify selected campus partners that the club is temporarily ineligible to use club resources.