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Workshop Sessions and Speakers

Our interactive workshop sessions are led by UNC faculty, students and alumni
who have spent years in the teaching field and want to share their knowledge.

Each session is available during Workshop I, Workshop II and Workshop III.
Join the session of your choice using the Zoom links below:

  • Parent Seminar

    Parent Seminar: First Steps in the College Process
    Jim Erekson (Literacy Education, UNC), Kevin Pugh (Educational Psychology, UNC) and Aldo Romero (Directore of Cumbres, UNC)

    Faculty (and parents) of college students will share insights and provide guidance to help you and your child navigate the college application process. Zoom passcode: 699619

    Join the Parent Seminar

  • Early Childhood Education

    Reaping the Rewards of Working with Young Children:  The Value of Early Childhood Education
    Amanda Rutter, Early Childhood Education (UNC)

    Explore the importance and uniqueness of early childhood education through a hands-on competitive game!

    Join Reaping the Rewards

    The Power of Play in Early Childhood Education
    Deborah Becker, Early Childhood Education (Aims Community College)

    Teaching in early childhood is fun because we teach through play. But what can children possibly learn when they are playing? Explore why play is such a powerful teaching tool for early childhood educators 

    Join Power of Play

  • Elementary Education

    Learning Mathematics Understanding through Games
    Jennifer Harding Middleton, Elementary Mathematics Education (UNC)

    Teaching number sense in early math literacy is an important component for teachers. Math games are one way for students to understand math and this session models how to use this inquiry learning practice in the classroom.

    Join Learning Mathematics

    You’ve just got to know your kids: What do teachers really need to know
    Brian Rose, Elementary Education (UNC)

    We can’t leverage students’ strengths and experiences if we are unaware of them. This presentation helps visiting students see not just that we should get to know our students, but what might be meaningful to know about them.

    Join Know Your Kids

    How Tech Supports Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)
    Matthew Farber, Innovation and Pedagogy (UNC)

    Review social and emotional learning (SEL), its impact on school climate and its transformative role in building happier classrooms. Free resources and materials will be shared along with best practice ideas.

    Join How Tech Supports SEL

    #adifferentkindofschool- Innovative Teaching- Reformed Educational Settings and Pedagogies
    Courtney Luce, Co-Founder and Lead Collaborator and Tatum Monaghan, Collaborator (Fred Tjardes School of Innovation)

    Discuss an alternative look from traditional education settings. How to engage students using their passions and interests, create community and foster equity and antiracism in students.

    Join Innovative Teaching

    Bringing Life to Literacy Instruction by Infusing Science and Social Studies Content
    Kevin Pribnow, Fifth Grade Teacher (Racine, WI)

    Explore the ways teachers can infuse science and social studies content to create meaningful literacy experiences for their students.

    Join Bringing Life to Literacy

  • Secondary Education

    Pathways to Teaching in Colorado’s Rural Middle and High Schools
    Harvey Rude, Rob Resinvold and Lori Reinsvold, Colorado Center for Rural Education

    Come and explore the pathways where you can learn to become a middle and/or high school educator. Colorado rural schools need you! The rural communities will support you. There are great needs for classroom educators (history, science, math, English, music, business, art, computer science, agriculture, etc.), special education providers, audiologists, and counselors.

    Join Pathways to Teaching

    Reflective Practice: What it Means (and How You Can Start Doing it Now)
    Jeri Kraver and Stacy Bailey, English Language and Literature

    Being a reflective practitioner is essential to teaching success. However, developing skills in reflection can (indeed, it must) begin long before you enter the classroom. We will share some ideas for honing you skills in reflection using a tool that defines how we learn (and teach), Bloom’s Taxonomy on Learning Domains.

    Join Reflective Practice

    Tales Of A Struggling Chemistry Student...Turned Chemistry Teacher
    Heidi Archer, UNC Alumni and Chemistry & Oceanography Teacher (North Forysth High School in Cumming, GA.)

    How I ended up teaching my most dreaded subject and loving every minute of it.

    Join Tales of a Chem Student

  • Urban Education

    Successful Teaching in Urban Classrooms
    Rosanne Fulton, Urban Education

    Teachers who are successful in urban classrooms develop the skills of a warm demander.  Warm demanders honor the strengths, cultures and talents of students as they hold high expectations for learning and growth.  Participants in this session will talk about why working in urban classrooms is compelling and rewarding.

    Join Urban Classrooms

    Representation Matters: Recruitment of Educators of Color
    Amy Nelson, Doctoral Student (UNC) and Coordinator of Equity & Partnerships (Boulder Valley School District)

    Diversity matters in any field, but this is particularly true in education.  Students should see themselves reflected in teachers and leaders of our schools.  Districts, such as mine, are recognizing this, and heavily recruiting educators of color.  In this session we’ll talk about representation in the classroom and will highlight the ways future educators of color can create lasting change in their own communities.  

    Join Representation Matters

  • Special Education

    Using Student Strengths to Be a Successful Teacher
    Corey Pierce, Special Education (UNC)

    All children have strengths and can be motivated by how teachers, parents, and others respond to them. Education is most effective when it is based on the strengths of each individual child. This session will discuss the importance of using student strengths to inform instruction. It will provide ways to identify strengths in students and apply them in the classroom.

    Join Using Student Strengths

    The Dynamic Field of Special Education!
    James Slaughter, Director of campus INclusion and Student Development (UNC GOAL)

    Join our session to learn more about the dynamic field of Special Education. We will discuss the ends and outs of Special Education through a comprehensive lens. Come check out the ABCs of Inclusive Education!

    Join the Dynamic Field

  • School of Sport and Exercise Science

    The Power of Physical Education: Developing Healthy, Active Children
    Jennifer Krause, Jaimie McMullen, Brian Dauenhauer and Scott Douglas, Sport Pedagogy (UNC)

    This session will provide an overview of how Physical Education provides students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of healthful physical activity.  Meet the Physical Education program faculty and current students and learn how UNC prepares future physical education teachers to teach high quality PE!

    Join the Power of P.E.

  • Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education

    "I Want to Learn but I Don't Understand”
    Madeline Milan, Bilingual/ESL Education

    Discuss how future teachers can address the language and academic needs of young children who are learning English as a new language.

    Join I want to Learn

    The [Bi] in Bilingual is 2, and the [Multi] in Multicultural indicates 2+, so what is this session about?
    Lisette Galindo, GEAR UP Adivsor (District 6 in Greeley, CO)

    You, your profession, and your impact are important! This session can be a beginning or a continuation of your journey toward becoming a multicultural educator. Let’s connect the dots between Bilingual Education and Multicultural Education and explore the bigger picture of education and how language, culture, pedagogy, social justice, and more teacher/student jargon fit within education.

    Join the [Bi] in Bilingual

  • Art Education

    Where those crazy enough to think they can change the world become the ones who do
    Donna Goodwin, Art Education (UNC)

    In this session we will create and doodle while we discuss the importance of arts in education, the experience of being an art teacher candidate, and begin to devise your plan to change the world one art student at a time.

    Session no longer available.