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Meet the Student Panelists


Julia Parisi

Elementary Education with a New Literacies Concentration

  • Where you live: Off-Campus 
  • Club Involvement: Delta Zeta Sorority and Bear Catholic 
  • Hometown: Littleton, Colorado 
  • What I love about UNC: UNC is such a hidden gem. When I was looking at schools, I absolutely love the size and welcoming feeling I got from the staff and students on campus, which has held true for my entire experience at UNC. I have met such amazing, educated, and determined people who are helping me grow and become the best individual I can be. The education department, in particular, sold me on UNC and I am so fortunate to learn from the some of the best educators around! I love UNC and all that it has given me!


Mishayla Brown

Early Childhood Education

  • Where do I live: Evans, CO
  • Any club involvement: No, but I work at UNC’s Outdoor Pursuits 
  • Hometown: Coeur d’Alene, ID
  • What do you love about UNC: the incredible professors! They are really there to help you and I have had such a great experience coming back to school because of their support.


Olivia Martinez

K-12 Education

  • Where do I live: Off-Campus
  • Club Involvement: I live far off campus, so although I am not personally involved in any clubs at UNC, I know that the art department has several clubs such as clay club and an illustration club.
  • Hometown: Albuquerque, NM
  • What do I love about UNC: Not only is UNC a beautiful campus, but I love the community here at UNC. UNC offers many events and opportunities that cater to art students, such as gallery showings, artist talks, and workshops with artists in our community.


Soren Jensen

Elementary Education (PVA Emphasis)

  • Where do you live: I live off campus in a house with some roommates
  • Any club involvement: I am involved in the university bands, Kappa Kappa Psi, and advocacy work with the GSRC
  • Hometown: Longmont Colorado
  • What do you love about UNC: I love the community that makes up UNC. We are an extremely inclusive campus that works to provide the best support to all students. There is always a place for anyone at UNC if you look for it. If you can't find it is super easy to get involved and make your own place. The faculty and staff have all been extremely understanding and helpful when you communicate with them (speaking from experience the key piece here is the communication). Overall, this is a place to explore yourself just as much as getting your education.