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Per the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control, if you have travelled to high incident countries in the West Africa region (Guinea, Sierra Leona, Liberia) in the past 21 days and you are feeling ill or running a fever, please call the UNC health center at 970-351-2412 for instructions before coming to the clinic or contact the Emergency Room at North Colorado Medical Center at 970-352-4121.


The UNC Student Health Center Medical Clinic is located at 1901 10th Ave in
Cassidy Hall.

Walk-ins welcome!

Clinic Hours
Monday - Friday - 8:00 - 5:00 pm
Saturday - 11:00 - 3:00 pm
Closed Sunday


If the Student Health Center is closed, we recommend MedCare, located at,
2928 W 10th Street Suite 100 Greeley, CO. Phone number 970-351-8282.
MedCare will bill most all insurance carriers as well as honor the simple visit $20 charge for UNC students on the UNC insurance plan.


MMR vaccine ( measles,mumps, rubella) $15.00

Flu vaccines are the #1 way to prevent the flu. Stop into the health center today for your free flu vaccine. The health center is a walk in clinic, so you don't need an appointment, just come in at your convenience!

State of Colorado Employee 2014 Flu Shot Information
Employees and dependents covered under the State medical insurance plans can receive their flu shots at no cost. Please visit the UNC Human Resource website at for further details.

The State of Colorado requires the Meningitis vaccine for Freshmen living in student housing and it is highly recommended for any student living in student housing.

If you are a Freshman living in student housing, you must acknowledge that you have received the vaccine. If you have elected not to have the vaccine, you must still read and acknowledge that you understand the risks of this deadly disease when you complete your housing contract.

Meningococcal disease is highly contagious, but a largely preventable infection of the spinal
cord fluid and the fluid that surrounds the brain. Scientific evidence suggests that college
students living in dormitory facilities are at a modestly increased risk of contracting Meningococcal disease. Immunization against Meningococcal disease decreases the risk of contracting the disease. Additional information about this disease is available online at the CDC website or contact your family physician for advice.

If you have questions about obtaining this vaccine, please call the Immunization Coordinator at 970-351-1919.

If you have questions about immunization records, please call the Immunizations Office at 970-351-1919 or email




Our Annual Health Fair was once again a huge success. Thank you to all our sponsors, including Bike Peddler, Pearl Vision Center, UNC Audiology, Dietetics, Dr. Bingham, UNC Rec Center, Weld County, UNC PD, and to all the UNC staff who helped make this happen!

bike winner 2014sunglass winner 2014
Grand Prize Winner - Jade Virgil
Winner of Pearl Vision Oakley Sunglasses

Dr. Bingham

dr ginn buying cookies

Giving back to the Campus Community!
Dr. Nathan Ginn, from the Student Health Center Medical Clinic, surprises the Quidditch Club with a generous donation to help support the club's trip to Utah this weekend!!

Are you wondering what MRSA is?

Is your Meningitis vaccine current? It is recommended that all UNC students receive a booster if your last vaccine was 3 or more years ago. Please contact the health center for more information or to find out how to obtain the vaccine.

Contact Deb Miller at 970-351-1919 or email for more information.

Concerned about the price? Call our Immunization Coordinator at 970-351-1919. We will be happy to find a solution to ensure all of our UNC students can receive the Meningitis vaccine.

Watch for our upcoming flu vaccine clinics throughout the year.

SHARPS DISPOSAL- If you use injectables for medical reasons and need access to a sharps disposal container, please contact Health Services at 970-351-1919. (Containers offered free through Health Services.) More info @ Sharps Disposal

If you don't find what you're looking for here, contact us at (970) 351-2412.

For questions regarding immunization records, please contact Deb Miller at 970-351-1919

For questions regarding the student health insurance or insurance waivers,contact Cece Clark at (970) 351-1915.

The UNC Student Health Center Medical Clinic accepts and bills all insurance carriers - Just bring your medical insurance card and your copay when you visit the health center.

For questions regarding the use of your private insurance at the Student Health Center Medical Clinic, contact the Medical Clinic at 351-2412 or by e-mail at

For other questions related to the Health Center Medical Clinic website, contact: Deb Miller (970) 351-1919