Ph.D. in Educational Mathematics

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Inquiries about this program can be sent to Dr. Nathaniel Miller, graduate program coordinator.

Program Overview

The Educational Mathematics program at UNC combines graduate mathematics preparation with advanced coursework and research in mathematics education.  This innovative Ph.D. program prepares scholars who can perform research in K-16 mathematics education; teach college level mathematics; and prepare and work with K-16 mathematics teachers.

This program is a traditional, on-campus program.  Students who enter the program with a Master's degree typically finish in four or five years.  Most students in the program are supported as TAs.  For details, see our financial support page.  Some additional information about our program can be found on our Graduate Studies page.


Applicants should possess a master's degree in mathematics or mathematics education. Those with a strong bachelor's degree in mathematics apply to the "Master's Degree en route to Ph.D." option. It is expected that students will have had a senior level or beginning graduate level course in each of abstract algebra, linear algebra, point-set topology, and real or complex analysis; applicants not having this background may be required to take additional courses to prepare for the coursework in the program. Applicants to this program need to fill out the graduate school application; submit at least three letters of recommendation with the UNC cover sheet; submit current general GRE scores (the subject exam is not required); submit official transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate institutions attended; submit a CV (curriculum vitae); and must provide an essay of approximately 500 words about their personal educational goals and specific interest in the University of Northern Colorado's Educational Mathematics Ph.D. program.  Questions about our program or about the application process should be sent to Dr. Nathaniel Miller, Graduate Coordinator.

The application deadline for this program is February 15.  All application materials must be received by this date in order to be considered for admission to the program starting the following Fall semester. This program only admits students starting in the Fall semester.

Program Requirements

The Faculty

Researchers in mathematics education guiding the program:

  • Bill Blubaugh (Ph.D. Mathematics Education, U. of Colorado, Boulder): teacher preparation; technology in K-16 mathematics; mathematical problem solving.
  • Gulden Karakok (Ph.D. Mathematics Education, Oregon State U.): transfer of learning of mathematics; advanced mathematical thinking; post-secondary mathematics curriculum development; integration of technology in post-secondary mathematics teaching and learning
  • Robert Powers (Ed.D. Curriculum & Instruction, University of Houston): reform practices of prospective/novice teachers; use of handheld CAS for discrete mathematics teaching & learning.
  • Hortensia Soto-Johnson (Ph.D. Educational Mathematics, University of Northern Colorado): practices of prospective/novice teachers; geometry teaching & learning.

Mathematicians with interest and experience in mathematics education research who teach Ph.D. mathematics courses and participate on Ph.D. dissertation committees (sometimes as co-advisor):

  • Dean Allison (Ph.D. Mathematics, U. of Missouri): Differential geometry; undergraduate curriculum reform in discrete mathematics, calculus, and differential equations.
  • Ricardo Diaz (Ph.D. Mathematics, Princeton University): Applied partial differential equations.
  • Steve Leth (Ph.D. Mathematics, U. of Colorado, Boulder): Nonstandard analysis; calculus reform; writing and undergraduate mathematics learning; K-8 mathematics enrichment activities.
  • Nat Miller (Ph.D. Mathematics, Cornell University): Reasoning with geometric diagrams; logic; geometry; discovery learning in mathematics.
  • Jodie Novak (Ph.D. Mathematics, Oklahoma State University): Representation theory and Lie groups; equity in mathematics education; teacher professional development.

Recent Graduates

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