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UNC Guest Wireless Authentication to Change Oct. 1

On Thursday, Oct. 1, Information Management & Technology will update the method UNC guests use to access the wireless network on campus. Guests will no longer be required to have a UNC sponsor.

When a guest connects to the UNC-Guest wireless network, they'll be prompted with an authentication page that asks for their name, email address and phone number.

Complete Instructions for accessing UNC's guest wireless network are here. For any additional assistance connecting devices to the UNC-Guest wireless network, contact the Technical Support Center at 351-4357 or submit a ticket directly from SupportU.


National Cyber Security Awareness Month: Tip No. 1

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Malware infections can be spread by USB drives. In a recent survey, 8 percent of people said that their latest malware infection came from a friend's or coworker's USB drive.

Malware will often try to spread by compromising a legitimate file such as a presentation or report and copy itself to a new computer or device when opened. Regularly scan your USB drive and files with a trusted anti-malware program. Don't plug in any USB device that is unknown to you. Occasionally check to make sure that no unknown USB devices are connected to your computing systems.


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