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Lecture capture is here!

Lecture capture has been one of the most requested technologies over the last few years. From the ability to review every detail from any lecture over the semester, to finding a specific topic just by searching for a keyword, Students and Instructors alike see the potential in offering high quality lecture capture recordings as a resource for students.  The Monfort College of Business and the Master's in Biomedical Science program in the College of Natural and Health Sciences have been using Panopto, acting as a pilot over the last year.

Recording my in-class lectures has allowed students that struggled with concepts in class to go back and review materials on their own time at their own pace.  It allows for students to have a better understanding of the material.   My students love it and I get great feedback on using the product.

- Chris Vegter, Monfort College of Business

During a joint session in November 2017, the Learning Management System Advisory Group (LMSAG) and Academic Technology Advisory Group (ATAG) have formally motioned to adopt Panopto as the Lecture Capture and Video Management solution at the University of Northern Colorado.

Information Management & Technology (IM&T) have been busy over Winter Break, preparing seventy classrooms across campus for lecture capture this Spring term.  This configuration includes a high-quality microphone, screen capture and document camera video capture.  The Infrastructure and Academic Technology team within IM&T is currently evaluating cameras and will potentially include high definition video capture as an additional upgrade in the future.  High Tech Rooms that have received upgrades since 2015 now support lecture capture and from now on all new classroom builds will include the basic lecture capture upgrades as well.  To learn more about Panopto and see the full list of lecture capture ready rooms, visit our Panopto support page.


A Look Into The Future

After the transition from Blackboard to Canvas, it goes without saying that 2017 was an eventful year, but we are just getting started.  The demand for learning technologies is on the rise and the Learning Management System Advisory Group's agenda for 2018 seems to be growing every day.  Take a look at the timeline on the right to see some of what to expect over the next year.



  • Panopto lecture capture is now available
  • Zoom video conferencing tool project kickoff
  • Blackboard Collaborate will retire in March
  • Determine paper exam solution
  • Research begins for proctoring solution


  • Classroom upgrades include lecture capture
  • Paper exam solution pilot


  • Paper exam solution early adopters


  • Scantron and Grader app will be retired

Who Is Our Support?

The Canvas Learning Management System and associated technologies are supported though a combined effort between Instructional Design & Development (IDD) and Information Management & Technology (IM&T). This joint effort also maintains a sub-committee to the Learning Management System Advisory Group known as Instructional Design and Information Management (IDIT).