Office of Information Security

The mission of the Office of Information Security is to facilitate the education of students in a secure manner. To enable the faculty to deliver quality education and conduct research in a secure manner.  To ensure staff can serve the University mission and their department functions in a secure manner. And to defend the institutions data, systems, and networks from misuse, damage and loss.


Cyber Security Alert

Sixty eight million accounts exposed in Dropbox hack.

Sources have revealed the exposure of 68 million user names and passwords which were exposed in July 2012.  Many people do not change their passwords frequently and often reuse the same user name across many accounts placing them at risk. 

What you should do.

First change your Dropbox password.  Second review your online accounts and make sure that you are not using the same password on other accounts that could have been exposed in the breach.  If you are using the same or similar passwords we recommend you immediately change any such passwords.  Here are some helpful guidelines when creating a new password (passphrase).

Consider using a multifactor authentication so that even if your password becomes compromised your account or service will be better protected.  Many online systems allow or even require multifactor authentication now and I encourage you to check each account for your multifactor options.

There is a brief summary of this alert at the Department of Homeland Defense Website.