Office of Information Security

The mission of the Office of Information Security is to facilitate the following items in a secure manner: the education of students, deliver quality education, conduct research, and to ensure staff can serve the University mission and their departmental functions.

Our goals are to defend the institutions data, systems, and networks from misuse, damage and loss.



New Anti-Phishing and Data Loss Prevention Campaign Coming May 18th.

Our staff and faculty will see new tags when receiving an email from an external sender.  The body of all these emails will end with: "**This message originated from outside UNC. Please use caution when opening attachments or following links. Do not enter your UNC credentials when prompted by external links.**" Click here for more details

We should never be sending restricted data types outside of the organization via email.  Whenever the automatic system detects a restricted data type it will alert you at the top of your outlook client.  This alert will ask you to verify that you understand the data type and wish to override the warning.   If you are not using an outlook client you will receive a failure notification along with instructions in the instance that the automatic system detected something incorrectly. Click here for more details