Office of Information Security

The mission of the Office of Information Security is to facilitate the education of students in a secure manner. To enable the faculty to deliver quality education and conduct research in a secure manner.  To ensure staff can serve the University mission and their department functions in a secure manner. And to defend the institutions data, systems, and networks from misuse, damage and loss.


Cyber Security Alert


Email phishing campaign

There has been an increase in counterfeit emails trying to compromise UNC email accounts.  Please be aware that UNC will never email you in regards to the security of your email account and send you a link to log in.  If you receive an email which includes a link that directs you to log into your account, please use caution.  If you believe it is a legitimate email use a known link to access your resources such as URSA.   For more information on this type of attack (called Phishing) please see the following: How to spot phishing emails.