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Administrative Graduate Assistant Vacancies

Applying for Administrative Graduate Assistantships

Administrative Graduate Assistantships provide administrative support to various departments on campus.

To Apply: Fill out the Application for Administrative Graduate Assistantship(pdf) and submit it to the administrative area where you are applying. Make sure to include all other documents listed in the department's job description.

Department/Area Contact Location Job Description Phone No. When
Marcus Garvey Cultural Center Talia Carroll Marcus Garvey Cultural Center Job Description 970-351-2351 1 Aug. 1, 2017 (possibile summer start)
Women’s Resource Center Emily Hedstrom-Lieser Scott-Willcoxon Hall Job Description 970-351-1380 1 Aug. 1, 2017
Athletics Jeff Butler Butler-Hancock Athletic Center Job Description 970-351-1727 1 Aug. 21, 2017
Community and Civic Engagement Deborah Romero Michener Library Job Description 970-351-2458 1 July 1, 2017
Dean of Students Office Reyna Anaya Decker Hall Job Description 970-351-2001 1 July 1, 2017
Student Outreach and Support with the Dean of Students Deana Davies Decker Hall Job Description 970-351-2798 1 Aug. 1, 2017
Cultural Services / Native American Student Services Eryka Charley Kohl House Job Description 970-351-1909 1 Aug. 15, 2017 (priority deadline: April 28)
Equity and Inclusion Fleurette King Job Description 970-351-3012 1 Aug. 8, 2017 (Application deadline: April 19)

Please note: The openings found on this page are different than program Graduate Assistantships, Teaching Assistantships (TAs) and Graduate Research Assisants (GRAs). Please direct your questions about program assistantships to the appropriate department.

Submitting a Vacancy

If you would like to submit a vacancy, please email the following to Patrick Johnson:

  • Department name and web address
  • Contact information, including phone number and email address
  • Job Location
  • Job description as a pdf
  • Number of positions open
  • Semester the position will be open or starting date


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