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Concurrent Enrollment Educator Qualification Scholarship

The Colorado Center for Rural Education and the Colorado Department of Higher Education seek to encourage talented K-12 educators in rural Colorado school districts to pursue Concurrent Enrollment Educator Qualification certification. The value of the scholarship is $6,000 for completion of an approved program offered by one of Colorado’s institutions of higher education.  If selected as a Concurrent Enrollment Educator Qualification Scholar, the recipient will receive half the scholarship amount at the start of the program (first $3,000) and the remaining half (second $3,000) when he/she successfully completes the program and are fully qualified to teach concurrent enrollment courses.  

Application Requirements

Eligible Applicants Must Meet the Following Criteria:

  1. Evidence of full admission to a Concurrent Enrollment Educator Qualification program at one of Colorado’s institutions of higher education (e.g., copy of official admission letter from the Graduate School).
  2. Provide a written timeline for program completion. Normally this is within three years of starting the program.
  3. Prepare a written statement summarizing the applicant’s commitment to quality rural education and the expected value to be added to the applicant’s school district upon completion of the program.
  4. Provide letters of recommendation and endorsement from the applicant’s school principal and district superintendent delineating how this qualification will benefit the school/district.
  5. Commitment to complete a Master’s degree, if the applicant does not already hold this degree, which is required to teach concurrent enrollment classes.

Eligibility Preference

Preference will be given to applicants who meet these requirements:

  • Willingness to teach concurrent enrollment classes in one of the rural school districts (especially small rural school districts with less than 1000 students) that are located 50 miles or more from major metropolitan areas and outside of the Front-Range region of Colorado.

Definition of Rural School District

A Colorado school district is determined to be rural giving consideration to the size of the district, the distance from the nearest large urban/urbanized area, and having a student enrollment of 6,500 students or less. Small rural districts are those districts meeting these same criteria and having a student population of less than 1,000 students. For a complete list of rural school districts, please contact the Colorado Center for Rural Education.

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