• What Colorado school districts are considered rural or small rural?
    We have a list and a map of the Colorado districts that are considered rural and small rural. Please see our resources page for these items
  • I do not have my student teaching placement, can I still apply for the stipend?

    Yes, you may submit your stipend application prior to receiving your student teaching assignment. However, you must be placed before money can be sent to your financial aid office and applied to your account. Preference is given to those teaching in one of the rural school districts (especially small rural schools districts with less than 1000 students) that are located 50 miles or more from major metropolitan areas and outside of the Front-Range region of Colorado.

  • Do I have to submit an Official Transcript or can it be an unofficial copy?

    For both the Colorado Rural Teaching Stipend and Concurrent Enrollment Educator Qualification Scholarship you must submit an Official Transcript from the school that is sponsoring your current program. Some schools offer an Official Electronic Transcript. These are accepted as well if sent directly to our main center email address. Transcripts requested from previous schools and transcripts showing proof of program completion can be unofficial.  For the National Board Teacher Certification scholarship, you are required to submit proof of acceptance into the program. An electronic receipt is acceptable. A letter of completion or copy of your certificate of completion will be accepted as proof of program completion.

  • Must I enroll in a full year student teaching to be eligible for the Colorado Rural Teaching Stipend?

    No. Some Colorado institutions offer both full year and single semester student teaching programs. Most offer only one or the other. The Colorado Rural Teaching Stipend  is a one time award of $2800.00 to be applied to a Colorado rural or small rural student teaching program of any length.

  • How will I receive my scholarship or stipend funds?

    Both the Colorado Rural Teaching Stipend and the Concurrent Enrollment Educator Qualification Scholarship will be sent to the college or university sponsoring your program and paid out through that institution's financial aid department. Please contact your financial aid office for questions regarding how and when these awards will be applied to your student account. These items will appear on the 1098T tax form from your college or university. The National Board Teacher Certification Scholarship will be sent to you directly followed by a 1099 tax form from the University of Northern Colorado.

  • Can I spend my scholarship or stipend money on things other than tuition and fees?

    When the scholarships and other forms of financial aid are enough to cover the direct college costs, the excess money is typically refunded to the student. Check with your financial aid office regarding your specific financial aid package and their policies regarding excess funds. If you receive a refund, you may apply remaining funds to:

    Books, supplies and travel required to complete your program as well as room and board during your program.

  • What Teacher education programs are available in Colorado?
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