Colorado Center for Rural Education

Rural school districts throughout Colorado continue to experience significant difficulty finding qualified educators to serve as classroom educators, school leaders, and/or special service providers within their individual school districts. The Colorado Center for Rural Education was created to address these issues. Our center is not limited to the University of Northern Colorado community. We work with 22 Colorado Institutions of Higher Education to recruit, prepare, place, and support educators for rural communities to ensure every rural student has a quality learning experience. 


Educator Shortage Action Plan Town Hall Series

The Colorado Department of Higher Education and Colorado Department of Education are hosting a series of town hall meetings to inform a statewide educator shortage action plan. Educators, students, parents and concerned members of the public are encouraged to share their experiences and ideas for recruiting and retaining educators. Use the link below to obtain the schedule. If you cannot attend you may fill out a quick online survey to add your voice to the conversation.


Colorado Rural Teaching Stipend Application for Spring 2018 

Applications Must be postmarked no later than October 16, 2017

Scholarship Opportunity Available for Spring Semester 2018 

Concurrent Enrollment Educator Qualification  Scholarships. Preferred Submission Date October 2, 2017.

National Board Teacher Certification Scholarship Available now!

We are currently accepting applications for our National Board Teacher Certification Scholarship for 2017 and 2018