Summers Only Masters Program

Research Methods Concentration

The Summers Only Masters Program has become increasingly more appealing to teachers around the state of Colorado. Courses are scheduled during the months of June and July in such a way that the program may be completed in three summers. Students take a concentration in research methods courses, become well-versed in research, evaluation, and statistical methodology, and acquire the skills and knowledge to be able to conduct statistical analyses and evaluations for educational and state agencies. Heavy use is made of the Research Consulting Labs on campus to familiarize students with statistical software and to provide them with the skills to use statistical programs with a high degree of competence.

The program may be started in any summer. The student should apply no later than April through the UNC Graduate School for admission into the Applied Statistics and Research Methods Masters Degree Program. Persons interested in the program should contact Susan Hutchinson, ASRM Program, UNC, Greeley, CO 80639, 970-351-1643,

Course Offerings Number
of Credits
When Offered
1SRM 600 Introduction to Graduate Research 3 Every Summer
1SRM 602 Statistical Methods I 3 Every Summer
1SRM 603 Statistical Methods II 3 Every Summer
2SRM 610 Statistical Methods III 3 Every Summer
4SRM 625 Applied Multiple Regression Analysis 3 Odd Years Only
2SRM 627 Survey Research Methods 3 Even Years Only
4SRM 670 Evaluation: Models and Design 3 Even Years Only
4SRM 680 Qualitative Research Methods 3 Every Summer
4SRM 694 Practicum 1-9 (variable) Upon Request
3EPSY 674 Measurement I: Educational Testing 3 Check with EPSY

1 For first-year students in the Summers-Only Program
2 For second-year students in the Summers-Only Program
3 For both first- and second-year students in the Summers-Only Program
4 For both second- and third-year students in the Summers-Only Program

Please check the online course schedule to verify course offerings.

Approximate Costs:

Tuition and fees are set by the University and are published in the UNC Catalog and are available from the Office of the Registrar. They currently run about $1700 per semester for in-state tuition, and from about $300-$700 for fees, depending on which fees you have to pay. (Students who are already covered by a health insurance policy do not need to pay the health insurance fee, which runs about $400). Housing is available on campus in a dorm for those who are interested. For the two month summer term (June and July), costs run around $700, including a meal plan.

Application Process:

You must obtain and complete an application for graduate study at UNC and return the completed form to the graduate school. You can apply on-line at or to receive an application packet you may contact the graduate school directly (970-351-2831 or at: 2007 Carter Hall, Campus Box 135, UNC, Greeley, CO 80639), or you may call our office and ask that one be sent to you (970-351-2807 or 970-351-1669). Official transcripts of all previous work are required as are three letters of recommendation and a written statement regarding the relationship of the masters program to your professional goals. GRE scores are NOT required.