Then and Now

Then and Now

Westward Expansion

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1970-1971 school year
UNC acquires the land for west campus, above, in 1956 (see timeline entry in 1950s). Today, central and west campuses are home to 76 classroom, residence and service buildings on 260 acres.

  1. Turner Hall
  2. Harrison Hall
  3. McCowen Hall
  4. Ross Hall
  5. Michener Library
  6. McKee Hall
  7. Farr House
  8. Bishop-Lehr Hall
  9. University Center

2014-2015 school year
Aerial shots of UNC’s campus taken decades apart reveal the scale of the university’s growth.

  1. Turner Hall
  2. Lawrenson Hall
  3. Harrison Hall
  4. Recreation Center
  5. Holmes Dining Hall
  6. South Hall
  7. North Hall
  8. Butler-Hancock Athletic Center
  9. Nottingham Field
  10. Michener Library
  11. Candelaria Hall
  12. McKee Hall
  13. Ross Hall
  14. Judy Farr Alumni Center
  15. Bishop-Lehr Hall
  16. University Center
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When it comes to getting a feel for UNC, there’s nothing that beats walking the campus paths with our students, talking with our faculty, touring the classrooms and facilities and soaking in the blue and gold vibe.

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