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Celebrating 125 years

Pride and Perspectives

From its earliest days, the University of Northern Colorado has been highly regarded for its prestigious programs, innovation and caring faculty. Here, students and faculty collaborate and learn as they have for generations, with a vision of higher education that fuses learning with community engagement, research, passion and transformation. We are proud of our past, and look forward to the work that will carry this university forward, into the future. Join us for a look at the moments, memories and progress of our first 125 years.


From 1889-2014

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This month in History

  • November 06, 1966 Harrison Hall dedicated
  • November 19, 1891 The Board of Trustees authorized President Snyder to establish a "model school"
  • November 21, 1924 4th President: Dr. George Willard Frasier inaugurated (1924-1947)
  • November 24, 1923 First homecoming celebrated
  • November 26, 1946 College closed indefinitely because of coal strikes. (McCowen diary. Strike called off December 7, 1946.)