Accessibility Statement

The University of Northern Colorado Web Communications Department has created this accessibility statement to help users with disabilities navigate the site easier and to educate users about Accessibility.

Access Keys:

  • u - UNC's Home Page
  • h - Home page
  • n - Page's Navigation
  • c - Page's Content
  • 0 - Accessibility Statement (This Page)

To use the access keys press [ ALT ] + [ Letter/Number ]

What is Accessibility?

Accessibility refers to how easy it is for an individual with disibilities to navigate a website. These disabilities range from users who may not be able to hold a mouse to those who are blind.

How Accessibility is Achieved?

Standard Compliant:

Code & Content:

  • Semantic Markup - Content is placed in appropriate tags. For example Phone Numbers and Address are wrapped with the <address> tag.
  • Headers - Heading tags are used that allow screen readers to know where sections are.


  • Images used on this site have a descriptive ALT tag.
  • Images that are more complex include a Longdesc tag.

Visual Design:

  • This site uses CSS Layout for positioning rather than table layout. Using CSS Layout separates out the content and the design code.
  • This site uses relative font sizes that can be resized for users with low vision.

More on Accessibility

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